Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter in Colorado

After being in CO for about 3 months now, I can say we are pretty well settled in. The first few weeks were tough with trying to unpack and keep a 2 year old busy, but we managed. We've actually started to get pictures on the walls and the house is feeling more like home. We have been enjoying going to local attractions on the weekends. Like Patrick said, it's almost like every weekend is a mini-vacation. I know that will wear off but for now it's fun. We have had quite a bit of snow. Two storms in the last couple of months have brought us 10+ inches of snow each time. Luckily, the snow plows clear the roads quickly so we haven't been stuck in the house for more than a day at a time. Here's a few pictures of our recent adventures. We've already gone snow shoeing, visiting a ski resort (though we didn't ski), went ice skating, visited the train museum and the aquarium. I guess we better slow down or we'll run out of things to do.

visiting the aquarium

snow shoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Evan playing conductor at a local children's museum

A virtuoso in training! He loves his mini violin from Uncle Chris

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Colorado Here We Come!

Yes, that's right we will soon be moving to Colorado. Patrick is taking a sales job with the same company he currently works for and his territory will be northern Colorado. We found a house on our last trip up there and so we will be in Erie, which is about 15 miles east of Boulder. The movers come a week from today so I'm relishing the last few moments of relative calm before the storm. I haven't updated this blog in awhile so here's a few highlights of our recent adventures. Stay tuned for Colorado pictures (I'm thinking SNOW) soon.

Day Out with Thomas the Train (it was hot but fun)

Inside Thomas the Train

Georgetown AirFest

Enjoying an ice cream cone (courtesy of grandma and grandpa)

Visiting with uncle Chris in Waco

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Evan's 2nd Year Highlights

Click here to view this photo book larger

Can you believe Evan is already 2 years old! I haven't kept up with this blog very well but the album above shows some of the highlights of the year. We had a great birthday party a couple of weeks ago and Evan had a blast playing at the park. He didn't eat hardly any birthday cake this year but ice cream was still a hit. Happy Birthday sweet Evan!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Time Fun

We have already been having lots of fun this spring. We try to take advantage of the nice weather before the scorching 100 degree summer hits. For spring break (not that we really have one anymore) we took a trip to near Fredericksburg to hang out with the whole Webb clan. We ended up with 9 adults and 6 kids (4 under age 4) in a four-bedroom house. Now that's a family gathering! We had a great time staying at a rental house on the LBJ ranch. There was a lot of room for the kids to run around and the weather was nice.

saying hi to the cows

checking out LBJ's "Texas White House"

hiking with the cousins and Grandma and Grandpa

pinwheel garden

one last swing before heading home

Last week, Evan and I traveled to west Texas to see my family while Patrick was away for business travel. We got to visit lots of family which is always nice. We also got our share of that lovely west Texas wind :) One highlight of the trip was Evan's first visit to the zoo. He had a great time and was worn out afterward. His favorite animals seemed to be the alligator and the giraffes.


fish (AKA "blub blub" in Evan-speak)

Evan was a little uncertain about feeding the giraffes

Yay for the zoo!

Thursday, February 17, 2011 Update

What a bad mom blogger I have been. No update since the Fall! What can I say, life gets in the way. Evan has been growing and changing so much over the past few months. The biggest change is his vocabulary. He had a remarkable language explosion between 15 and 18 months. Now (20 months today) he knows so many words I can't even keep count. He understands just about everything we say, although he doesn't always comply (typical toddler, right?). Here are just a few highlights of the past few months.

Hanging out at grandma and grandpa's farm

Our family Christmas picture

Evan checking out his new Christmas presents

Getting a wagon ride from the neighbor kids

Exploring the park

Here's a recent video of Evan "reading":

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Time!

Yes, it's October so that means we, like all other self-respecting parents of toddlers, must take our little one to a pumpkin patch for the obligatory pictures involving lots of orange and usually some hay thrown in for good measure. Actually, I was looking forward to Evan's first trip to a pumpkin patch. We opted for a farm called Crowe's Nest near Manor, TX. It was great because it was a short trip and they had a LOT of animals, which Evan loves. Sure, they had the usual goats, cows, pigs, but they also had ostriches, buffalo, tortoises, owls, and llamas. It was a lot of fun and we even did the hayride. They also had a little store and we bought some of the best homemade wheat bread we've ever had. Yum! Here are a few highlights from the trip:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Evan Goes Colonial

We just returned from our first airplane trip with Evan. My brother recently started teaching Sociology at The College of William and Mary so we thought we visit him for fall break. For those of you who don't know, William and Mary is the alma mater of such famous folks as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and (a few years later) Jon Stewart.

Evan did pretty well on the flights, with a little help from noise canceling headphones and the iPhone Sesame Street videos. Sitting still for over two hours is hard for a 16 month old.

One of our first stops was, of course, a tour of the W&M campus. It really is a lovely campus. It's so tree-covered, you almost feel like you're in a state park rather than a college campus. Evan really took to watching the numerous squirrels ("quirl") on campus. He became our squirrel-spotter, pointing out everyone he saw. He must have gotten a little confused, however, because he soon started "meowing" each time he saw one. Hey, it's pretty good logic for a 16-month-old: the only other furry thing with a tail he knows is cat.

Evan even stayed up a little late one night to go to a W&M football game. He enjoyed it for about 45 min and then he had seen enough. For all you Texas folks, all I can say is, football in VA is not like football in Texas. The size of the stadium at W&M would be the size of a high school football stadium in Texas.

Next, we were off to the other main attraction in the area: Colonial Williamsburg. I had always heard of it, but I really didn't know that much about it. It turned out to be very interesting and educational. It was pretty warm outside so it was tiring but fun. We were able to see many of the colonial stores and famous buildings. I was impressed with the authentic knowledge that the staff colonial "players" seem to have. It really seemed like they knew about 18th century VA and were not just reading a script. Evan liked running around the streets and especially like seeing the horses pulling the carriages.

We also made a quick stop by Yorktown, VA and visited the beach along the York River. It was quite beautiful. I had no idea a river could have such a lovely beach. Evan got to have his first beach experience.

All in all, it was a great trip. Traveling with a toddler is never easy but it's worth it to see him experience all these new events.

Lake on the W&M campus

Evan watching the game ("Go Tribe!")

Wig shop in Colonial Williamsburg


Evan resting with Grandma on the steps of a colonial house

Checking out the horse close up

Carriage going through town

Classic colonial house

Learning about 18th century politics at the State Capitol

Evan at Yorktown beach