Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter in Colorado

After being in CO for about 3 months now, I can say we are pretty well settled in. The first few weeks were tough with trying to unpack and keep a 2 year old busy, but we managed. We've actually started to get pictures on the walls and the house is feeling more like home. We have been enjoying going to local attractions on the weekends. Like Patrick said, it's almost like every weekend is a mini-vacation. I know that will wear off but for now it's fun. We have had quite a bit of snow. Two storms in the last couple of months have brought us 10+ inches of snow each time. Luckily, the snow plows clear the roads quickly so we haven't been stuck in the house for more than a day at a time. Here's a few pictures of our recent adventures. We've already gone snow shoeing, visiting a ski resort (though we didn't ski), went ice skating, visited the train museum and the aquarium. I guess we better slow down or we'll run out of things to do.

visiting the aquarium

snow shoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Evan playing conductor at a local children's museum

A virtuoso in training! He loves his mini violin from Uncle Chris

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