Saturday, February 6, 2010

Watch Out World: Our Boy is Mobile!

That's right, a few weeks ago Evan started crawling. It started out as the "commando crawl" with him pulling himself along on his tummy using his arms. Now, it's progressed along to more of a hybrid crawl with him sometimes staying on his tummy but sometimes he gets up on all fours. It's surprising how fast he can get across the room. I sure have to keep a close eye on him. We've created a little gated area for him to play safely in (see pictures below), which we will be expanding soon once we rearrange some things in the living room.

Evan is now eating solid food like a champ! He's tried all the stage 1 food like apples, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peas, etc. He's now moved on to stage 2 foods which are a little thicker and include a few meats. This week he tried yogurt and liked it a lot. We've also started giving him a few table foods to try like avocados and Cheerios. He's learning the pincer grasp so he can almost pick up Cheerios by himself and get them into his mouth. So far, he's liked almost all the food he's tried. He wasn't a big fan of green beans or peas but he still ate some of them. It's so fun to see him try new foods!

It's been kind of cold and rainy lately but we've been getting out as much as we can. Evan really enjoys stroller walks in the park when it's warm enough. We've been enjoying hanging out with the moms and kiddos from the Mom's group at church. Here are a few pictures from the last month.

It's never too young to start the Starbucks!

Already learning about tractors (grandpa Pieper would be proud). Thanks for the book Kathy and Dave!

Evan's new play area (we don't like to call it a cage :)

Visiting with Yoda (a gift from uncle Chris)

Helping mom with the laundry

"Mom, I really want to get at that toy car!"

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emily said...

He is getting to be such a big boy!!! :)