Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break at Enchanted Rock

Okay, so none of us in this household really get spring break since we are no longer in school but we did actually have a little mini-spring break this year. Patrick's brother John and his family decided to take a trip to Fredericksburg so we thought we would join them. Patrick took a couple of days off of work and we spend Thursday and Friday in Fredericksburg, including Enchanted Rock. Of course, since it was spring break (and beautiful weather) every other family in Texas seemed to want to go to Enchanted Rock too. After waiting in line for at least 30 minutes we were turned away at 11 am when they closed the park on Thursday. Luckily they re-opened it at 1 pm and we were able to get in and join the other Webbs. It was an absolutely beautiful day! John cooked up some yummy fajitas for all of us and then Patrick, John and all the "big kids" headed out to hike up the rock. My sister-in-law Amy and I stayed at camp with the two babies (Evan and cousin Nathan, 7 months). The kids had a great time hiking up the rock. Even our little niece Lorah (2.5 years) enjoyed it, as she rode in the backpack carrier and napped part of the time.

The next day we drove over to LBJ State Park and walked around the Sauer-Beckmann Farm. This is a great outing for kids. The farm is set up just like people lived in the early 1900s. Staff members (in period garb) are there to tell you about life on the farm including cooking, livestock, blacksmithing, etc. They have several sheep, chickens, and a couple of cows on site. I think all the kids liked it, especially Lorah. Here are a few pictures from our fun-filled mini-spring break.

Our camp for the day

Evan and Lorah playing

Checking out the chickens

Lorah and mama (Amy) watching the cow

Patrick doing double duty (daddy and uncle)

Nathan and Evan duking it out!

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