Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a...

baby! Yes, that's right. We were supposed to find out the sex of the baby today but Itty Bitty had other ideas. S/he was wrapped up in a little ball so the doctor could not tell whether it was a girl or a boy. The umbilical cord was also blocking the view. The good news is that everything else the doctor examined looked normal and right on track. We were able to see the brain, arms, legs, and spine. He said they all looked great. Itty Bitty is about 11 ounces now. He wasn't able to get a good look at all of the heart due to the baby's position so we get to go back in two weeks for another try. So, stay tuned; we may get to find out the sex after all!
In other news, I've been able to feel some small movements from the baby and every once in a while, a little thump. It's so subtle, sometimes it's hard to believe it really happened. Patrick hasn't been able to feel any movement on my belly yet, but hopefully soon!

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