Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a...(part 2)

Boy! We went back to the doctor last week and we found out Itty Bitty is a boy. The doctor had a clear view of the baby this time. We also got to see a really clear view of his heart and everything seems to be healthy and normal. Anyone want to guess what Patrick's first words were when we found out? "How soon can I take him camping?" Sounds like we have a little boy scout in training.

Folks have been asking about baby bump photos so we finally took one. Here's one taken at 23 weeks. I didn't think the belly was that big until I saw it in the photo.

I call it the birthday baby bump photo because it was taken on Sunday, Feb. 22--my birthday! We'll try to post photos more regularly now. I've been feeling little boy Webb moving just about every day now. Sometimes he can really kick! He seems to respond to sound--like music at church or sound from a movie (or it could just be my imagination). Patrick hasn't been able to feel him kicking yet, but hopefully soon. There's not much warning so it's hard to catch it at the right time.

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Grandma said...

You are a lovely pregnant mother. Our love to our little grandson. Can't wait to hold you. Grandma