Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Fun: Longhorn Caverns

With the temperatures heading towards the 100s, it is hard to want to spend much time outdoors. This weekend we were looking for something fun to do but knew it was too hot for going to the park, then we remembered Longhorn Caverns near Burnet. Ahh, a cool 72 degrees all the time. We packed up the car and Evan and headed out Sat. morning. We stopped for a quick lunch at a cute little cafe near the caverns and arrived just in time for the 12:00 tour. Little did we know that the tour was an hour and a half long. But, Evan did great in the backpack carrier and Patrick got quite a workout carrying him through some pretty low clearance areas of the cave (work those quads!). I think Evan enjoyed, although he won't remember it years from now. This was sort of a reminiscent trip since Patrick and I went to the caverns once early on when we were dating.

about to head into the cave

naturally formed "dog" (no, it wasn't formed in this spot, they moved it)

Evan touching "the bear"

They made it through with no bumped heads!

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