Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer Vacation

We recently returned from a two-week summer adventure. We hadn't been away from home for that long since our honeymoon. I had a feeling that two weeks away with a toddler in tow could be quite an adventure indeed or perhaps an event never-to-be- repeated until Evan turned 18, but it turned out great! Evan has turned into quite a good little traveler. First, we went to west Texas to my parents' place to spend a week with them while Patrick was traveling for work. Evan had a wonderful time with his grandparents and got visit his great-grandparents also. He LOVED being outside at the farm and learned a new word, "tractor" (it comes out more like "ta-ta" from him).

Evan in the cotton field

exploring the farm

Evan had the chance to visit all his great grandparents.

I love this! Great-grandma playing the harmonica for Evan

When Patrick returned from traveling we all packed up and headed for Ruidoso, NM. We vacationed there many summers when I was a kid and we knew it would be a good low-key spot to relax. We enjoyed the cool weather and pine trees while it was scorching in Texas.

hiking in the cool pines

just a swingin'

"Dad, can I have a train too?"

relaxing to some Chitty Chitty Bang Bang music on the ride home

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