Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

On Sunday we celebrated a beautiful Easter! It started out stormy and I feared we were in store for a dreary day, but the clouds cleared just in time for church. We enjoyed a great day together and even took a walk in the park in Georgetown (after Patrick's bike ride). Here's a couple of pictures we took while we were still in our "church clothes." This week marks 30 weeks of the pregnancy.

You'll notice in one of the pictures Patrick has a surprised/shocked look on his face. This is because he just realized that Itty Bitty will be here in only about 10 weeks :) Just kidding. We were just trying not to squint in the sun. By the way, I do own maternity clothes in colors other than black. It just seems that every time we take a picture I happen to be wearing black. 

We started our childbirth classes last week and we think we're going to like them. They're offered at the hospital where we'll have the baby. It's called Prepared Childbirth so it's not technically Lamaze it's closer to that than any other method I've read about (like the Bradley method). We decided on this class because they cover everything--both relaxation/breathing techniques and they also inform you of all the medical interventions possible. Although I hope to avoid a lot of medication or medical intervention, we figured it would be good to be informed about the options so that at least we wouldn't be in the dark if decide to use them. Personally, I'm trying to keep an open mind about the labor process. I've heard so many women say they wanted to have the baby naturally and then they later decided to get an epidural and they felt like a failure. I want to avoid that. My thinking is: I've never had a baby before; I've never even had a broken bone so I really don't know what my pain tolerance will be. If I absolutely can't handle the pain, I don't mind getting an epidural, but I'm going to try to avoid it if I can. 

We also recently picked a pediatrician. He came well-recommended by several friends so hopefully we'll like him also. Apparently he has 5 kids of his own so he definitely has a lot of experience. 

I've been working on decorating the nursery so I'll post pictures when that is complete. Only 10 weeks to go!

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