Monday, May 4, 2009

33 Weeks

Well, we're down to single digits now folks. Only about 7 more weeks to go (9 at the most). Here's a picture from this weekend and guess what, I'm not wearing black. I do look tired in this picture but I'm really not. I've still been feeling really good, except for an occasional less-than-comfortable night. I have added a little more decoration to the nursery, as you can see from the letters above the dresser. There's still a little more decorating to do, but it's coming together. 

Itty Bitty is still moving around a lot. Sometimes he kicks so hard my whole belly shakes! Some of you have probably been wondering about a name, since we know we can't call him Itty Bitty forever. Well, I think we have pretty much decided on a name, but we are keeping it a secret. We decided since we already found out the sex of the baby, it would be fun for the name to be a surprise.  

We've been busy the last few weeks taking childbirth classes and getting things ready around the house. I've been cooking like crazy to try to have quite a few meals frozen so we won't have to cook when baby arrives. One of my goals this week is to pack my bag for the hospital. At childbirth class they warned us to get our things ready early just in case baby decides to make an early arrival.  I have my next check up with the doctor tomorrow so let's hope everything is on track.

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